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We are a small, specialized consulting company with a focus on organizational development, coaching and training.
We specialize in the individual support of executives, teams and organizations in order to position themselves for the future and to reach the next level.


The old trails no longer exist, and the new path is not yet defined. We want to strengthen people and teams in their development and change skills and give them the opportunity to acquire a new future- and relationship-oriented attitude – to prepare them for the radical change, the rapid pace, and the demanding challenges of the working world of tomorrow.

How can you develop your own leadership principles and your own leadership style?​
Strategy development: How do you develop your business in order to continue to be successful and to be future-proof? What are the concrete success-critical contributions? Do you know your purpose?​
​​Where do you stand personally? how can you improve your self-efficacy?
How can you deal with diversity in the team and improve cooperation? How can you make high complexity manageable there?​
How can you improve your personal communication, especially when dealing with "difficult" situations and people?
Employer branding: How can you continue to be an attractive employer (image/identification/reduction in turnover/sick leave)
How can you develop and establish role clarity in the team and strengthen the personal responsibility of the employees?
How can you prepare the next-level management for a new position of your company, an organizational unit or an important project?​
New work: How do I manage to lead my team and strengthen the team spirit when my employees work from their home office and mainly have to do with each other virtually?
​How do you deal with a generation change?
How do you form a team for the Next Level (e.g. new innovative projects, succession and next generation etc.)?
How can you develop the ability to change and flexibility in a team?
What should the selection, onboarding and qualification of key people look like for you?

In our family business we work systemically, multi-perspective and across generations. We always keep an eye on the interactions and connections between strategy, structure and culture. In addition, we are guided by modern models of organizational development such as Laloux, Graves Value or ambidexterity.​

We also work with the Interconnected approach that we developed, which above all prepares leaders and teams for the future.

Interconnected Leadership:
An approach for a future- and relationship-oriented management culture
Interconnected Communication:
An approach for relationship and value-oriented communication and corporate culture

When working with our customers, it is essential for us to harmonize the following aspects and areas of conflict: 

Relationship design
performance / highest quality standards

implementation / efficient result orientation

creativity / innovation

Enable your employees!

Make your team unbeatable!

Take your business to the next level!

Your unlimited movement
Speed. Personality development. Drive. Flexibility. Dealing with complexity. Border crossing. Authenticity. Reinvention. Go new ways. Try out. Change. Pioneering spirit. Courage. Openness
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