The following are original quotes from YUM clients:

Zaigler 2021

Michael Zaigler

Managing Director OBERBAYERISCHE HEIMSTÄTTE Gemeinnützige Siedlungsgesellschaft mbH

In the course of preparing a seminar on the subject of “value-oriented dealings/contact with employees”, we wanted to put our corporate and management culture to the test. Therefore I got to know Peter Mann and his entire YUM Leadership team. After the first talks, it was clear that we would get this professional help in-house and let us be accompanied externally in this process.

After an extensive analysis across the entire management team with the result of a consultant mirror, we developed a roadmap and guidelines for further action. In the subsequent profiling of all managers, we were able to verify the inclinations, interests and abilities of all managers more clearly and thus use them much more efficiently.

In my opinion, we are now in an excellent position and work together across all business areas in a goal- and solution-oriented manner. Even if the entire measures were both time-consuming and labor-intensive, all employees, from the individual clerk up to the management, have gained a lot of experience and identify with our company more than ever. A big thank you to Mr. Peter Mann and his entire team.

Andrea Gumpel

Andrea Gumpel

Head of Communications, Organization and Human Resources OBERBAYERISCHE HEIMSTÄTTE Gemeinnützige Siedlungsgesellschaft mbH

Peter Mann and Elisabeth Troiano offer a wide range of services with their YUM consulting team. They have not only given our company valuable suggestions for structuring and positioning our divisions even better. They supported us with modern, (cross-) team formats such as workshops, training, initiatives support and PCM team coaching. This has enabled us to be close to our employees and take them with us on the path to change and transformation.
Our leadership team has embarked on a learning journey: together we have discovered a new world of leadership principles and team understanding within a qualification, based on the relationship-oriented Interconnected Leadership model.

Petra Maringer further developed the understanding of the team in interactive workshops with the employees and integrated them into the process.

Elisabeth Troiano and Nina Freymüller supported us with their expertise in establishing and expanding ​​internal and external communication. In particular, they have supported us in consistently pursuing our brand development, also in order to remain attractive as an employer.

We appreciate the fresh thinking and enormous ability of the entire consulting team to adapt to our company as a whole.

We experienced magical moments with Peter Mann and Elisabeth Troiano : They have a sixth sense when it comes to the right tool at the right time. We have always experienced their support in an appreciative manner in the right dosage.

We would like to thank Mr. Mann and Mrs. Troiano and the YUM leadership team of consultants most warmly for this.

Peter Mann has a calm and balancing nature and asks the right questions. That stimulated my own reflection and gave me new impulses. It gave me a lot of clarity about what I really want. I then consistently sought and ultimately achieved it. His experience in the top management and board area was very helpful. This had a formative positive character, especially for team building after the merger with GAD. And finally: He gave me nice and gentle honest feedback, which was an important “grounding” for me.


Klaus-Peter Bruns

CEO Fiducia & GAD IT AG (until 2019)

Dr_Kurt_Servatius Foto

Dr. Kurt Servatius

CEO for Allianz Dresdner Informationssysteme GmbH and Allianz Shared Infrastructure Services GmbH (2002-2008 )

Mr. Peter Mann and his team supported me and my management team in a business-critical post-merger integration with ambitious synergy goals and job cuts at 9 locations. Mr. Mann has always been the source of forward-looking control impulses that have cleverly weighed up the corporate and operational corporate goals. The personal development of the management team in a political environment was also emphasized. 

When addressing new and thus often uncomfortable topics, Mr. Mann was clear and binding. You have to want to accept his support – but you can only win.

Schöffel Foto

Peter Schöffel

Owner of Schöffel Sportbekleidung GmbH

Mr. Mann supported me to tackle the entrepreneurial issues that are “on”, to be able to think through and implement the unthinkable, and to have the courage to make personal and strategic changes.

Over the course of a few years, I have seen Mr. Peter Mann taking action in several projects and have come to appreciate him very much. What particulary distinguishes him in the collaboration is the combination of clarity, appreciation and strategic thinking.

He was also able to structure complex issues and break them down into small portions so that it is very easy to set up measures on this basis.

In addition, Mr. Mann is an excellent coach who listens well, analyzes problems and proposes valuable and sustainable solutions.

Harald Weber_Foto

Harald Weber

Head of Payment Processes Allianz AG (until 2018) Consulting for payment processes and robotic process automation


Dipl. Ing. Architect Stefanie Wiederuh

Head of Construction and Real Estate, Caritas Association Munich and Freising e.V. (2020)

Mr. Peter Mann supported me and my team in the analysis, restructuring and future-oriented alignment of the real estate department. In terms of content and structure, as well as in the design of the leading management team, Peter Mann brought a lot of clarity, tranquility and vision into the process and pushed the right things forward at high speed.

His questions go deep, he dives into the topics where necessary and supports actively the problem-solving. I was particularly impressed by his always appreciative manner. It’s even fun to be “grilled” by him in the personal development fields. The quickly tangible successes motivated the entire team to perform at their best and gave strength to work on the vision during the pandemic.

Our intensive discussions about style issues in leadership inspire me and my team sustainably and carry Peter Mann’s attitude beyond his work into the future of the department.

Claudia Koller

Head of Property Management, Member of the Managment Team A8 Immobilien, Caritas Association Munich and Freising e.V. (2020)

Peter Mann was hired to help us with the restructuring and redesign of the real estate department of the Caritas Association of the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising e.V.

With his calm and confident appearance, Peter Mann captivated me from the very first moment. His way of getting to the point of things that were still buzzing in my head unsorted in the “raw version” was simply unique. He helped me to change my perspective from employee to manager, strengthen it and give me confidence in my very own instincts.

Thanks to his support, we have become a great team that still likes to use his working methods in order to keep sharpening our focus on the work that is still to be done.

Peter Mann has initiated very important insights for me. As a specialized consultant, I was allowed to contribute to his team of experts from various fields of consulting in a collegial way. He always had the competence development of all of them in mind. That’s why I was also able to benefit greatly from the other experts and their expertices in the team.

Peter Mann taught me an integrated approach to consulting that leads to striking success at C-level. His openness and his joy in developing people have made a big difference for me. Since then, I see business consulting in a much more comprehensive framework and have been able to raise my market position significantly. I have Peter Mann to thank for a lot. 

Dr. Ulrich Vogel

Founder and CEO of ProfilingValues GmbH


Christoph Mussenbrock

Founder and Owner of Etherisc

Peter Mann has an extraordinary ability to make your own personality transparent in conversation and reveal hidden sides. This often results in surprising insights and concrete approaches that are tailored to current problems and can be implemented immediately. For me, these conversations and insights often had long-lasting effects. They helped me to react more bravely and clearly to situations and to seize opportunities.

With his nature, Peter Mann has managed to regain my self-esteem and authenticity. I met Peter Mann at a stage of full self-doubt. A person who has always tried to be better than others by doing as much work as possible in order to “hide” his disturbed self-esteem.

I was encouraged by Peter Mann to go on a trip to a country called “New Work”. In doing so, I learned that management methods for the VUCA world of work must be changed significantly and be oriented towards the future.

Today I manage to inspire young people as a manager. To inspire and arouse curiosity about an exciting country with many adventures, experiences but also fun. I’m not trying to copy Peter Mann, but I’m using him as a role model. I still often fail, but sometimes I succeed and those are the really important moments.“

Walter Felfernigg_Foto

Walter Felfernigg

Head of Inventory Management & Procurement at DMG MORI Spare Parts GmbH

Lis Ripke_Foto

Lis Ripke

Head of the Heidelberg Institute for Mediation

I have known Peter Mann for many years – on the one hand as a very interested participant in many seminars and on the other hand as a very helpful coach on my own behalf. In both roles I have experienced Peter as extremely precise, always enriching by questioning (apparent) realities, very much facing and always reliable.

I like to describe the coaching with Peter and Elisabeth as an extremely productive and a little painful process. Our entire idea was analyzed, the business plan broken down into its individual parts and put through its paces. After we cut out all the pieces that turned out to be based only on wishful thinking and theoretical assumptions, the “original idea“ actually became something on which a start-up can be built.

The advice helped us tremendously to understand what exactly the next steps are, what the dependencies for other milestones are, where the added value of the idea lies and how best to explain it.

Tobias Meyer_Foto

Tobias Meyer

Founder and CEO of Beerchain Technology


Stefan Konrad

Regional Director, Modis GmbH
COO, Euro Engineering AG (2016)

Mr. Peter Mann and his team supported me intensively in my role as COO at Euro Engineering AG in the analysis and development of a future-oriented strategy. Especially when preparing the crucial presentation in front of the complete management board, Mr. Mann was an extremely valuable companion and sparring partner for me with his calm and experience!

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